Three Unique Programs: 

Happy Together

For Assisted Living Communities

Our Happy Together program focuses on interactions between friends of all ages in Guelph, Cambridge, and K/W-area assisted living facilities or retirement communities and our delightful miniature therapy horse(s).  

These joyful group visits generally last up to an hour in duration, however, personnel often observe that residents continue to respond to the effects of the therapy horse(s) long after they’ve departed, often discussing the visit for days afterwards.

Other benefits of our visits include increased outward focus, mental stimulation, improving and enhancing socialization between residents, and the combatting of anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.

If you’re an Administrator, Manager, or Activities/Social Coordinator at an assisted living facility or retirement community and would like to enquire about booking a visit, please contact us!

Choose Kindness + Higher Ground

For Children Grades K – 8

Our Choose Kindness (K – Gr 3) and Higher Ground (Gr 4 – 8) programs are now booking into Fall 2019.

These mobile programs, unique in that they utilize miniature horses to engage participants, aim to prevent bullying in Guelph, Cambridge, and K/W-area elementary school classrooms by promoting a culture of kindness, respect, and positive self-esteem.

In fact, studies have shown the presence of live pets in the classroom to contribute positively to increased empathy and social-emotional development in students with advantages also found in attention, motivation, and mood and well-being. These joyful visits generally last up to an hour in duration.

If you’re a teacher, school board representative, or school administrator and would like to enquire about booking a visit, please contact us!

Why therapy horses?

Horses provide immediate and consistent feedback.

Since horses provide such immediate and consistent feedback (dozing, pinning ears, resting a foot, swishing of the tail), participants gain valuable experience interpreting non-verbal cues which can to cause them to consider how their behaviour, thoughts, and intent might affect another person and can ultimately lead to improvements in self and social awareness as well as improved communication skills.

Let's Get Together!

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